Hello All.

This seems like a simple question but i cannot find a solid answer anywhere.

Im in the middle of streamlining our web application for use on local network and external use.

When a form loads there are usually several blocks of code that run.

Fetch Title From Database
Fetch Items For Combo Lists To Populate
Fetch Saved Data To Insert Into Fields

NOW obviously there is some processing inbetween especially step 2 of filling combo lists which can contain anywhere between 1 - 1000 selections (not practical but it is the users choice if they want 1000)

I understand opening a connection to a database is a costly server action processing wise and also is time consuming. So is it better for me to maintain one connection to pass to these seperate methods on page load or open a new instance-return data-close connection inside each method.


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How many users? Most people would say retrieve all at once, BUT I bet it doesn't matter. Write a loop and see how quickly your SQL server can write 500,000 records. You will be shocked. A few commands isn't "taxing" like people claim.


OK ill give it a whirl and see what is happening. User wise it could be from 10 - 100 users at any one time.

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