Hi guys!

I just worked out how to add new columns to my database tables through dreamweaver i was wondering if anybody knew of a way of now searching for and getting the data from the new column?

I have used dynamic tables for displaying my results, I thought this would then show the newly added table?? it does not. I also do not know how to add data to the new column. I have worked out how to add the column but not how to get the forms to change automatically for adding and displaying info... is this possible?

Any ideas would be great! I really need to get this to work asap!!!


r u really talking about column, it seems like row.. So refreshing the same page will be the solution.. try that..

yeah i mean column...
I know how to enter a new record but the company wants to be able to add a new column to tables in the database if needed... i dont really understand but trying to do as im asked. if they do require a new column in a database table to store extra information about their products and add one how do i provide a way of them them adding information into this column? can this be done??

I am a student on work placement and this seems a bit too advanced for me but my supervisor is not taking that as an answer, he thinks there has to be a way of doing it. Ive only got 2 and 1/2 weeks left so need to get this working if possible ASAP.

Any ideas would be great!
Thanks Guys!


creat a table to maintain the column names of the dynamic table.. once u added a column in ur table, update the new table with the column name...
while retrieving, get the column names first and write the select query to get the details..
i hope this will work..

Thanks for getting back to me!

yeah i understand that i would have to refresh the table somehow but how would i do this so the it will automatically do it if the user adds a new column? Im a bit of a newbi so I have no idea of the code to use for this.


really i confused..
wht actually u want to do..
u r talking about database table or html table??

once i add a new column to the DATABASE table through my application i need the HTML table and insert form to somehow refresh to include this new column.

Sorry for confusing you!

as i previously said.. use a table to keep the column names..

first fetch the data from the ref table to get the column names..

then get the rows from ur transanction table..

i dont really understand.. sorry!!! bit of a newbi!