Hi, I have downloaded a couple of scripts which I would like to combine but I am very new to PHP and don't know if it is possible to do. One of the scripts is a simple shopping cart and the other is a (to me) very complicated affiliate script which incorporates a multilevel referal system. What I am wanting to do is incorporate the affiliate script into the shopping cart so I can use the shopping cart template around the affiliate script and when someone logsin the shopping cart and the affiliate script will use the same session variables.

I hope this makes sense and if anyone thinks they could do it or WANTS to help that would be great.


this is my personal opinion:
reading otherone scripts is the hell on earth. Before I try to understand someones logic I programmed everything myself a dozen of times.
What you could do is: Use the script that covers most of your project and then rewrite the stuff that you need from the other. Implementing to scripts that are not your own will a) take ages, b) be frustating and c) not teach you anything. And espacially the last point is important for you and your next projects.