Hello guys and girls,

My self Anil and i m a BCA 3yr student. in this semester i have subject named HTML so i want some good ebooks on HTML in which the method of connecting to database ( specialy sql) is included. i.e how to connect database to the website please help me to find ebook.

thanx in advance.

You seem to be thoroughly confused there. Firstly, HTML is a markup language and used as a presentation layer technology. You don't connect to databases using HTML; you need a general purpose programming language like C/C++/Java/Ruby/Python to connect to databases. Google for 'HTML Tutorial' and start reading...

Adding to SOS, i want to tell u that HTML is used as presentation layer ie it is used to present somthing(text, image etc.) on the web page.


<input type='button' value='Click me!'>

above HTML code will draw button on a web page with cation as 'Click me!'.

For database intraction u have to learn other languages as SOS had mentioned.

but if we want to create a website on which user must have to enter there login id and password to login then the info about user must be store in database. is it correct or not?????

Yes u r correct. Thats why we are suggesting u to learn some general purpose languages, so that u would be able to interact with the database.

The theme is that:

you create a page on website using HTML, and in that web page u draw some controls (textbox, buttons etc.), so that u can ask user for input.

And then you validate(not doing any database interaction) the data like that any fields are not set empty etc using some client-side scripting language like javascript.

And then u send those parameters(user id, password etc. ) to the web server.

And then on web server u use some G.P. language(like java) to interact with database.

And depending upon the database, You will send a response back to webpage (ie client).

This is a general flow which is used to develop a web site. So ur first step is to develop a web page with some controls on it. That is done using HTML.