by using the following code i am opening the notepad whenever i run the website from visual studio2008, it's giving me output i.e it open's the notepad , but after publishing the same webiste, & accessing through browser (IE)
it opens the notepad, but fails to disaply it on taskbar,but it shows the instance of notepad in task manager
how to resolve the problem??

Dim startInfo As New ProcessStartInfo("notepad.exe")
startInfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Maximized

try this:

1. change local policies for APSNET user:
in WinXP: run secpol.msc

go to Local Policies->User Rights Assignment
find "Deny log on locally" and remove ASPNET user from it.

2. Security for files.
if your application needs also to work with files (open, save, etc) you have to change security settings for the folders to allow user ASPNET modify nedeed files.

to do this:
- In Explorer right button mouse click the folder and select "Properties"
- In Security tab, add "ASPNET" in and give desired permissions (Read, Write, Execute, etc).

read more here: