Im really in need of some help here.

I'm doing a website for a sports team and have nearly finished it. However the last thing i need to do is create a slideshow (very fancy) at the top of each page. I know it sounds mad a slideshow at the top of each page but i cant describe it. lol

Anyway, the swf is too large to load into the browser by streaming it as it plays. So can anyone suggest and help me out with how i would make a loading bar and then play it (77%....78%)

I would appreciate it so much.

Javascript might be an option, have you checked out dhtml?

Yes, this is called a preloader. It's a movie clip that should go in at the beginning of the timeline and play until getBytesLoaded=getBytesTotal. Here's a tutorial with many downloadable examples and actionscript which should get you going in the right direction.

commented: Yeah that's better than my suggestion +15

Thankyou so much ;)
Really helped me out

THanks again

No problem. The preloader is very important with large swfs. Users want to see results, even if it is just a simple bar filling up to let them know that the site will soon be loaded.