hi guys.....can anyone help me.....having some problem with my coding.....here's i attached together my file.......my problem is the error come out saying that undefined index when i submit the point of contact form....help me guyz!!!he error come from saveproject.php....sequence of the file......

1- Createproject.php - create form and when user submit, displaycreateproject.php page will be display, then after the user submit from displaycreateproject.php, page saveproject.php will be execute and at the same time the next form from createproject.php will be displayed.....i need a help plzzz!!!!

try specifying method='POST" in all of of your <form> tags...like so:

<form name="pointofcontact" action = "saveproject.php" method="POST">

it seems like some of your forms are defaulting to GET, but you are reading all variables with $_POST...specifying the method type will prevent this variable confusion.

Also, a heads up...you are using using header function calls after echoing content throughout your saveproject.php file...not sure if this is due to you trying to debug, but the redirects will fail if the header tags follow an echo statement.