I have a page that have a dinamic menu and i have created a function to create the correct HTML to view the menu, but how can I call this function in my aspx page that I see the generated HTML in the correct position?? :rolleyes:

Thanks for your help but I want to generate dinamic HTML during compilation of the page.
When the user login in the application i generate the correct HTML with a check to the right that are stored in the database.
DIfferent user have differenz HTML page, i don't have any event and any botton, I must display different page to different users.
I have create a sub that create the correct HTML but I don't now how call this sub to print out the result.

I found in the tutorial that you have post it in an other page the solution to my problem thanks a lot for your help. :) :)

    @Quantity int
UPDATE Quantity.Quantity1
SET Quantity = Quantity+Quantity
FROM Quantity.Quantity1 AS sp
JOIN Quantity.InwardEntries AS so
ON sp.Id = so.Id 


	RETURN /*select ... from ... */

how to call above function in asp.net