I am in LAN.I want to put my site in a PC of that LAN and access from another PC of that LAN.What will be the procedure of that.


You want PC A to host the website and have PC B access it? (with both PCs being in the same LAN)

1) Load website on PC A
2) Get PC A's LAN IP address
3) Browse to IP Address found in Step #2 from PC B

Did I miss something?

I am really known that but i dont know how can load a site on a PC

Well, you have to have a server running on the first PC

Thank You.
What kind of server i have to install,if it is iis or apache how can i configure this.i am a novice programmer in web programming.help me in detail.

you could use anyone one of them iis or apache
and then u need to install php on the server
and you r ready to Rock n Roll

Thank u I am trying my best

What you need is a Web Server.. which will host websites.
Your looking to use PHP scripts, so yo'll also need a PHP server.
And configure both of them together.

To do this easily, assuming you're running a Windows Operating System. Download a program named WAMP (Windows; Apache, mySQL, PHP). Which you can download from

any help with WAMP, you can ask here, or better yet, theres numerous sites with WAMP forums available.