I see when i put my cursor over your subject/title of your threads in many forums at daniweb (but not all), a transparent cream/yellow box comes up with the first few sentences (or is it the first few paragraphs?) of the thread/post.

I have vb 3.0.3 installed for my group, but this action isn't happening.

How did you get that to happen... is it some php coding, or is it done/activated from the cpanel, a hack or what? and how do i do it for my site if i have no computer or programming or php knowledge or skills?

Thanks. jos

PS. also i see that some pages here at Daniweb have a box at the bottom titled similar threads... how does one get that? It's a cool and very user friendly feature which enhances the viewers knowlege and ease of navigation. whoever thought of that was right on!! :cool:

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The yellow box you're talking about is simply alt text. It's a default feature of HTML. For example, you can use the following HTML tag to insert an image, where if you hover over the image, "alternate" text will appear.

<img src="file.gif" alt="Hover Text" />

I simply used alt within the td tag of my table. For example:

<table><tr><td alt="Hover Text">Table Row</td></tr></table>

will show the hover text whenever you hover over the given HTML table row.

As for the similar threads feature, it's actually a default feature of vBulletin, the forum system which powers DaniWeb. (www.vbulletin.com for more information)

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