hi all,,here i m again stuck in the midst of my project.i am using asp.net 2005 in vb language and sql server 2005.Well in my application i have used a datagrid tht fetches data from a table.i am able to edit update and delete.in my table i have columns called as schedule,week,month. In schedule there are three options,daily,weekely,monthly. what i want is when in edit mode of gridview if the schedule text is daily then thedropdownlist of week and month should not be visible or should not be enabled. if the schedule text is weekly then dropdownlist of week should be able to edit and dropdown list of month should not be visible or enabled...same for schedule text for month. i have kept the enabled property of schedule text as false so tht it could not be edited..
any idea how to achieve it..pls reply asap...thnks in advance

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u can achieve this using javascript

thnks a lot for that ,,but my knowledge abt javascript is very low,,,,can u help me with the code..
pls reply asap...thnks

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