Hi, I am kinda new at PHP, but I have had nearly 1 year of learning.
I'm making a Mmorpg text based game, I.E. bloody nation,lost power, I have made the home.PHP(login),login.PHP(Database script),register.PHP,Reg.PHP(Database script),Terms.PHP,Welcome.PHP,Member.PHP and loads more.
I am now starting the stats database for the user e.g. Strength,Charm,intelligent and so on.
What I need to know is. How do I make a mysql database for the user stats? How do I make a database for the bank, gangs, jobs, money and other important stuff? I have never made a database like this before Ive made databases for logins and registrations but not user stats.
I've looked everywhere Google, yahoo, here but nothing.:@

Could anyone please give me a little hint or some instructions?

MySQL. Easy, look it up. I would think that if you had been using PHP for a year, you would know about the different SQL languages by now.

Anyway, look up MySQL, and if you need to go get a book about it from the library. Making a database for a whole MMORPG is not just a one-and-done thing.

When you create your database file you need to create the tables for each item. Some things in the game will not require a separate table. Easy to do by using your regular notepad on your computer.