HI friends,

I am using report viewer in my Asp.Net application. In the report viewer loaded,

i got export,refresh,paging,search options .But print option is not showed in the

report. I set "showPrintButton="True"".And Install ActiveX control also.But again

i couldn't get the print icon. I am asking so many forums. But no one give useful

reply. So please give me the solutions. Very urgent.

Reply me as soon as possible.

Hope ur's reply

Failing to plan is Planning to fail [/B]

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Are you using firefox? It won't display in non-ie browsers.

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Are you using firefox? It won't display in non-ie browsers.

I am using IE and Firefox both. It don't display in both browser.

Give some solutions for this to show atleast in IE. I installed Activex control.

I gave ShowPrintButton=True also. But I don't display in IE. I download

"UFILEDOWNLOADTrialVersion" Activex cotrol. I need this one atleast one browser.

What solution for this one? Reply me as soon as possible.


its may have no proper space. this can be happen. check once. know a silly solution. but it also happens. :)

Hi sasivashok, can u plz post the code which you have written to display SSRS Report in asp.net web page, on <<Email>>
Its urgent, plz help me out.

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