pls i want to learn all web programing languages.

It is a better approach to start learning one first, and when you feel you're mastering it, move on to another one. It would be somewhat difficult to start learning all the languages at once.

Whichever one you prefer to start with, buying relevant books and reading Online tutorials would help a lot.

And it's not necessarily the languages that you want to learn as much as it is the concept. Once you have the concept down, you can apply that to any language.

Do some research. Start with HTML, it's the easiest to pick up initially.

yes HTML is basic,
start your learning with HTML , CSS...
And then switch to server side scripting technologies... is the best site for beginners...

opsryushi and Shanti Chepuru have given you more accurate and straight-to-the-point answers than I did earlier. Listen to their advice and start with the basic HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Prior knowledge of HTML will help you to understand PHP and other server side scripting languages more.