Hi guys

You know when you enter a registration page with a textbox saying enter the characters that corespond to the image. I heard its called COPA or something.

Anyone has any tutorials on how to make a page like this?

Thankyou, Regards X

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Shanti you might be able to help me or if anyone else can.

I did the below tutorial (which was very helpful btw) but I was unable to produce the CAPTCHA within an html page it becomes as JARGAN instead of an IMAGE (I can get an image).

It may also help to mention I have the php and html all in the same page.

What is a JARGAN?

In order for CAPTCHA to work, you need to have GD support in PHP enabled on your server. It has been included with PHP since version 4.3, but it might not be enabled.

You might not have that with free hosting services. If you are not seeing CAPTCHA characters, then check with your hosting company about GD support.

Try http://recaptcha.net for a free captcha library. Using this library aides in the digitizing of books. Also, the image generation is handled by their servers, not yours.

Make sure you have the GD library installed/configured on your server to use the first example.

Thanks guys for the information.
But I found the solution in another tutorial.

I didnt realize you cannot mix the php code to generate an image and the html code.

It has to be imported using an img tag.

Anyways problem solved and I just gota try getting it working now.

Thanks, Regards X

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