Hi friends.

I am trying to install Ruby on rails on Linux platform.The OS i am using is Ubuntu.
I am new to both Linux and RoR .So really need help.Here is the code i tried to run and the result :

manisha@manisha-desktop:~$ sudo gem install rails --include-dependencies

/usr/bin/gem:11:Warning: Gem::manage_gems is deprecated and will be removed on or after March 2009.
INFO: `gem install -y` is now default and will be removed
INFO: use --ignore-dependencies to install only the gems you list
ERROR: http://gems.rubyforge.org/ does not appear to be a repository
ERROR: could not find gem rails locally or in a repository

I tried many probable solutions , but none is working.I am just unable to figure out any more.May be someone can help.I will be very thankful.

Do you have a firewall that's getting in the way?

yes i have the firewall and i aslo set the required proxy for that.it was working on windows but dont know why it isnt working for linux.

Try specifying the proxy in the gem command with sudo gem install rails -p [proxy url]:[port] . If that doesn't work, try setting the environment variable with set HTTP_PROXY=[proxy url]:[port]

I have already set the proxy.But still it wasnt working. Now when i used the proxy thing along the command,
I can just do
$ sudo gem update

Even I am having error to do

$ sudo gem update --system

I dont understand why this is happening :(

Hi guys,
There was such problem as at manisha, thanks a lot destin your recommendations have helped! :-)