I am new user of coldfusion.I just started to learn coldfusion.
I made one file with the name "1_2.cfm"

Code :

<!--- Processing --->
<cfset myQuestion = "What is a variable?">
<cfset myAnswer = "Variables are named storage containers inside programming languages. Just think of variables as any type of named container holding any type of stored content. You simply name the container and store the content. Later you retrieve the content by using the same name.">
<!--- Conenet --->
<h3>Question: #myQuestion#</h3>

Following out put I got:

Question: #myQuestion#




I have stored this file in directory "C:\apache-tomcat-5.5.23\webapps\mylogin"

and I am veiwing this file using tomcat server

Please help me how to run the cold fusion files.
Thank You

Have you got a coldfusion server installed. If so, which version?

Did you put the webpage in the right directory. In Apache it is under "HTDOCS" and are you also running under local host?

Hello Sir
I searched "HTDOCS".But I didint found
Please Explain me in brief.
Thank you.

It is hard to help you without more information - What CF version, where are your HTDOCS located.

Have you done a test as to whether CF is working ?
Test page,

Test database connections, etc.