I have an image that I have created using the new image draw functions, but I need to have separate areas of the image as links to other pages. I know that the html map tag can be used to do this, but the problem is I can only get it to work if I hardcode the coordinates, but what I need is to use coldfusion variables as the coordinates as the images are drawn dynamically. Is there any way to do this, or a suitable alternative?

I doubt cfimage can generate image maps. But if you know the coordinates when the images are rendered, just save them in variables (array, structure, etc..). Then use those values to generate the image map coordinates.

That's part of the problem... I've tried doing this already and the coldfusion variables aren't evaluated within the map tag. Is there some special syntax I have to use?

Problem solved! I have found my mistake earlier on in the code as to why the variables were not evaluated. Thanks for your reply.