Hi, i am using vb to create a table, i then add that table as a control do a <div>. The data within the table comes from a select statement. When i change my select statement the data that appears in the webpage is always the first data that was acquired originally even though when I debug i see the table being set with the new values

below is a sample of the controls used

Dim table1 As New HtmlTable
Dim r As New HtmlTableRow
Dim c As New HtmlTableCell
Dim txtBox As New HtmlInputText
Dim commentaires As New HtmlTextArea

table1.Border = 0
c.Controls.Add(New LiteralControl("BT :"))
c = New HtmlTableCell
txtBox.ID = "bt" & i
txtBox.Value = equipe(i).getBT

why do you create your own table instead of using a datalist control?

for each row that the select returns I need to show that table with the details which is often more than 1

then use nested repeater or put your datalist in a repeater or just the opposite

thank you that worked, wasn't familiar all that much with asp.net
i have another issue now
when i go do the update statement i get the data by doing the following

tbox = CType(e.Item.FindControl("heures"), TextBox

however that data always seems to be the original one, not the one i have modified and am trying to update

EDIT: Its ok found the problem was reinitalizing the data in my page load