Im in the market for a good php reference book. Does anyone have some suggestions on such a book so I waste my money on a book that is not going to help me. Im not really looking for a book to teach me how to code or anything just something that has all the built-in functions and how to use them effectively.

Thank You


I think you're better off downloading the php manual --- then treating us to a cookie-fest with the money you saved from the book. :)

But seriously, the manual has sample codes for the functions so it's a good 'buy' (download?). Plus it's in digital format. I <3 CTRL+F.

Thank you for your reply I just downloaded it and it looks good. Do you know if they have a paper copy out there call me old fashion but I love having a book that I can hold in my hand and prop my legs up and read.

I have about 6 books on PHP, all used while learning and using PHP for web development.

Two sitting at my right hand now are "SAMS - PHP5 Unleashed" (£35.99) and "Advanced PHP Programming" (36.50)

I also use the online PHP manual though I found the books better for picking up new concepts and ideas for functionality that I might not have thought about.