I want to host other client's web site/pages on my own web server for free. Does anyone know where to get that sort of script for free? Or, could someone make me it for free? I am using a FreeBSD web server on Windows second edition. For more info, please email webmaster@thinksmart12.com or just post in this topic. Thanks, thinksmart12.com Webmaster.

well, the script has to have an advanced member login(auto signup, email activation, admin area, etc.). But i want it to have a database configuration(config.php) because I want it to work with PHP-Nuke. I need the members to be able to create their own web pages, modify them, download them, delete them, etc. just like a Wysiwyg editor like Dreamweaver or Frontpage. The URL for each member would be http://<YOURSCREENNAMEHERE.thinksmart12.com/<YOURPAGE>. I want it like this free web host. I want it to have an admin area, add users, modify users, place banner ads, add more space per user, etc. Could you please help me?

Best Regards,
thinksmart12.com Webmaster

Well, I take that back. I dont really need it to work with PHP-Nuke and it doesnt have to have a Wysiwyg editor. That should make it easier to make/find. But thanks for the URL.

I tried to set up easyhost free myself. I uploaded the files to my server, but I get an error message when I try to access them at their URLs. Have you tried it yet? If so, has it worked well for you? :confused:

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