Hi All

I have the following requirement to be implemented in PHP & My SQL database with Apache Server.

I have to write a PHP which will get a HTTP request from Client and immediately respond back with a Token # (Random number). Once the Token number has been sent back to Client, PHP should continue processing on the Server side as follows. (back end processing after response)

1) Fire some SQL queries to My SQL
2) Create a PDF with the output
3) Create a directory with Token # and store the PDF.

Client will download the PDF with the URL after some time.

Is there any way of implementing asynchronous handling in PHP i.e send token # half the way and continue generating & storing PDF on the server?

Any pointers will be of great help.

Thanks in advance

Here's how we've done it b4:

Response script:

	exec ( "php -q $processing_script $argument_1 </dev/null &>/dev/null &" );
	echo "response";

Processing script:

	$argument_1 = $_SERVER [ 'argv' ][ 1 ];
	do_it ( );