Hello, hello! =o]

I've programmed a pretty decent script to manage news, users, profiles, and pages for a typical website. This script is loaded with features, and it even comes with a default template!

Sadly I just released v1.2 and I'm already working on 1.3, so expect quick updates =o/

If you're interested visit http://www.dragex.com/Erineo/! =o]

P.S. All functions/features you see on that website come with the package EXCEPT download.php, it's my download counter, not yours! =oP Anyway, if you'd like to see some admin access in there drop me a line and I'll set up a temporary account. That page itself is run by the script it distributres! =oP

Very nicely done. You should set up a test account so they don't have to sign up. I just started creating an outlook clone because I rely on outlook so much. Trying to actually read Outlook PST files will be the final touch. What would be cool is if I create a desktop version of it and have it synchronize with the web one. Maybe export as XML.

Not to take away from your project, but its still that same old PHP stuff. I still like my IBuySpy and its portal varients, based on a real language - ASP.NET.

Its fast, easy to use, and its real powerful. Additionally, the IBuySpy portal is fully cusomizable.

based on a real language - ASP.NET.

Heh, you have something against PHP? =oP

I highly perfer PHP over any programming language, it's much faster than any other website manager with this type of functionality I've seen. =o]

Yes, I do have something against PHP. Ask any other ASP.NET programmer, they'll all say the same thing.

One you go to ASP.NET, you'll never go back.

eh, everyone can have their own favorite language, and this debate can go on for eons :rollseyes: just my 2 cents

Yeah, it could go on for eons =oP

I'll never go to ASP, I find microsoft as a selfish monopolist and nothing more. They run ASP, therefore the same dislikings for Microsoft are reflected back to ASP. Plus the only truly effective versions run on a windows box, boo =oP

I'll never go to ASP either. I'm talking about ASP.NET which is much different!

And, you may have fears about only Windows compatibility, but have you ever heard of Mono? http://www.go-mono.org

Yes, I do have something against PHP. Ask any other ASP.NET programmer, they'll all say the same thing.

One you go to ASP.NET, you'll never go back.

I took a quick look at the language... Ewwwww! Evil Asp.net!

I'm a php person myself! :D Grrr... Get off this php driven site powered by phpBB, the greatest forum system ever! :P And if it isn't the greatest now, take a look at phpBB2.2! :D :P

Where was I? Oh yeah, I hate ASP.Net :P

I don't like phpBB/PHP-Nuke for one simple reason: I can do it myself my own way, why use something someone else made. I hate using other people's scripts, I'd greatly perfer to do it myself =oP

If you didn't like ASP.NET then you're not a true programmer.

There are countless benefits to ASP.NET over PHP. For starters, ASP.NET is a compiled language so we have faster execution! We are fully object oriented and can be written in any .NET compatable langauge (C#, VB.NET, COBOL, etc.)

I wouldn't be suprised if Microsoft came out with a PHP.NET that worked with ASP.NET so people didn't need to have a huge learning curve. :-P

If you didn't like ASP.NET then you're not a true programmer.

Who are you to say this? Everyone has their own specifications and preferences, and people naturally work under their own preferable environments. If someone was introduced to PHP being much more enthusiasic about learning PHP over ASP.NET, even with the differences in ability they tend to work better under PHP even if it isn't as powerful in your mind. If someone has some beef with Microsoft they will not program under a Microsoft-based language, plain and simple. PHP can get the job done, why learn another language just because someone else's opinion says it's better? =oP

I assume you are all talking about the best overall language? In my opinion there simple is none. Even the concept of being the best is unclear. Best what? Best syntax? Best speed? Best cost effectiveness? Best learning curve? Best extensibility? Best reliability? Judging something like syntax and learning curve is like judging which is better: vanilla or strawberry. Take your pick.

It all depends on your situation. Simple as that. There are different tools for different jobs. Not one single language/framework is good in every single aspect. And that's actually a good thing sometimes because since there are so many technologies out there for us to use, we can pick and choose what we want to suit our needs. For example, every time I ask one of my clients what software/language/tools I should write their applications in, the first thing they say is Microsoft. I personally have no problem with Microsoft, nor hate them, but as soon as I give them a chart of their initial expenses, they tend to freak out. Then I start going over open source solutions. At the end, because it's me that will be developing the software and not them, they don't mind me going with open source solutions because of cost. Now mind you that these are for small to midly medium sized companies. When it comes to companies that already have a good source of capital, it works a little different because they can afford to spend (more money on software as far as Microsoft, and more money on technical support when it comes to open source).

So what's my favorite technology? I like them all. By that I mean that I like each for its capabilities. I like Perl's string manipulation and regular expression engine. I like PHP's syntax because it resembles Perl's syntax and C++, and the way I can easily combine it with HTML. I like .NET, not just because of its huge framework, language support, and compiled code, but also because it has the brand "Microsoft." I like J2EE for the same reasons I like .NET (except for the language support of course). I like ColdFusion because I believe it has the fastest development time.

As far as speed, this is also a debate that can last years. It's not just a matter of which application server is the fastest, there are other issues too, as far as which operating system, hardware, etc. I still haven't seen any reliable benchmarks, and I believe I never will. Companies release benchmarks for their products only if the results are in their favor. Organizations that are neutral I think are still biased. Everyone claims what they use is the best. To me it seems more of an ego thing than anything else.

For starters, ASP.NET is a compiled language so we have faster execution!

Even if it's compiled, PHP can still be faster. The .NET framework hasn't been around too long compared to PHP. Also, a lot of PHP pages get cached. Zend also has optimizer programs to even increase the speed of PHP pages. Apache can also be tweaked and mods can be added to pump up the speed even more. The .NET framework is huge and some of the languages it supports might let you create applications with less lines of code compared to PHP. However, this makes me think how much overhead your compiled application will have at the end.

Just my two cents. Oh yeah, my favorite flavor is strawberry by the way. 8)

Close between strawberry and vanilla, but I'd definately choose strawberry. =o]