Hi all,
I want to install Apache server 2.0.50, PHP 4.4.9, on Personal PC
WinXP Pro but was unable to do that and was unable to find right instructional manual.Did a lot of reconfiguration in PHP.ini, httpd.conf
files but Apache could not see PHP so test.php does not
I need to customize free software package before buying domain and
I learnt that Apache 2.0.50 works very well with PHP 4.3.x but software requirement is for PHP 4.4+.
From your experience can you to advice me best working match
for Apache 2+, PHP 4.4+, mySQL, myPHPAdmin and cetera.
Best Regards,

Yer go for eather Wamp or Xampp (But NOT PHP 4, the current version is 5.somthing)

Current version is 5.2.9 with 5.3 on the way shortly.

Yer go for eather Wamp or Xampp (But NOT PHP 4, the current version is 5.somthing)

Also as a note, I have seen that it is possible to install both php4 and php5 on the same webserver. (Two file extensions - .php4 & .php) So if you have a lot of php 4 programs then you may want to install a package with both.

I agree with all the people above. The php development team doesn't support php4 anymore. Php6 will soon (hopefully) be out !

Its easy to user Xampp set up ..and it is a good environment for php on windows...Since php and mysql are the buit in packges in it this allows you create and execute php prgrammes as easy as posible ...

I already install WAMPServer.
Nice complex of united software and will be great if developers use the same principle for all developing new packages of all kind applications.
Unfortunately, new problems come up such as local PC does not support more than 1 local host.
Existing package is require 2 of them: 1 for application itself and 2 for e-mails host.So will try to cut application on two parts for testing and customizing and it is means that I willnever able to simulate existing package on home local PC only on host servers.
Or I am not right?
Does debugging software exist for WAMPServer?
Rest Regards,

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