alright im having so problems with my floating divs containers i am using three columns in my html part of my website and i have a wrapper around the three columns known as page and the columns are float left in css so they can be perfect aligned left to right going left column, mid column, and right column ok the with of all of the column are preset but the height of the columns are set to auto in css and the wrapper width is 960px and the height is set to auto so when i add components in to each column the column will grow and the wrapper will enlarge also so the page will get larger also im using collapsible components so when they are collapsed the columns will shrink and so will the wrapper for the page so the columns will not run in to the footer but it is not working i cant seem to figure it out can you help me please i really need help

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never mind i figure it out i had no overflow in my wrapper and when i added overflow the wrappers auto height works

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