i am doing a project in jsp.and i am new in this .As a part of it i have to take some reports.i can use either crystal report or ireport.My roblems is that i installed both reports in my system and dont know how to proceed.I can connect the ireport to my database and view the reports.and dont know how to call it from jsp.Is there any need to set any classpath varaible?i tried google but couldnt find out a proper tutorial for that.anyone there to spend a few minutes for me to solve this problem.Waiting for your reply..

Thanks in advance

sigh. Another kiddo that can't read and wants to do things in JSP that it should not.

if u dont like to help others dont do it..by godsake dont send such stupid msges which makes irritation to those who really wants help..forum are for helping people..not for teasing..may be u r a genius..but try to pizz off others..thanks...

I tell you you're using the wrong technology. That's all the help you need as it's obvious from other messages which is the right technology.
If you can't stand being told you're wrong, you shouldn't ask questions.

c i dont knw much abt jsp..i just asked is it possible to do like this..u could have answer like this..