Hi everyone, here's my problem.

I have 3 web forms. WebForm1 contains a tab control "UltraWebTab1" with just 2 tabs.
First tab displays Target URL WebForm2.
Second tab displays Target URL WebForm3.

WebForm2 contains a label lblSourceLabel with a text value of '123'.
WebForm3 contains a label lblTargetLabel with a null value.

My goal is to transfer the lblSourceLabel value to lblTargetLabel upon tab change from tab1 to tab2. I'm using JavaScript, ASP.NET and Infragistics.

Here's my code, but it's not working. What am I doing wrong?

  function sendValue() 
     // Get reference to UltraWebTab 
     var ultraTab = igtab_getTabById("UltraWebTab1"); 
     if (ultraTab == null) 
     // Get reference to 1st tab (WebForm2 ) 
     var tab = ultraTab.Tabs[0]; 
     // Get reference to 2nd tab (WebForm3) 
     var tab1 = ultraTab.Tabs[1]; 
     var source = tab.findControl("lblSourceLabel ");    
     var target = tab1.findControl("lblTargetLabel");    
     target.value = source.value; 

You can do it with the Session and Application objects...but it's better if you use Cookies or GET/POST methods.

Since I am not at home, but at work which has limited resources, I hope this helps till I get chance to look at this problem more closely.

Here is a some links to passing values around with Javascript that may help!




Quick Question Iron_Cross,

why is Cookies better than Application objects? Just curious..

in answer the original question your page references were incorrect. you have to get a reference to the calling page from the Server.Request object. Cast that to a Page object then findcontrol for your tabs. This is better than javascript as it is all done on the server. There are plenty of articles on how to get the calling page.
The alternative is to use session objects etc as mentioned above. The best way is to pass the information in as a query so when you redirect from one page to the other grab the labels value and pass it to the next page in the request eg www.yoursite.com/newpage?labelvalue='the value you just grabbed'
This will guarantee the value will get there (no relying on cookies being turned on etc) and easy to get at the other end