Hi all,

Can anyone please help? I have a .php user registration page that was created with the help of one of the many tutorials which works fine for the purposes of accessing/logging into an Intranet site.

The registration writes 2 fields to a MySQL database a username and an MD5 encrypted password.

My friend who will be the eventual owner of this process wishes to retain as much control over this as possible and requires to have the information written as well to a 2 field locally held Access database so that he can send forgotten user credentials without user intervention which is a fairly reasonable request in his opinion.

I have trolled through heaps of info I beleive it can be done - i.e connecting to an access database and inserting information etc, but I know I'm in well over my head hence my plea for help. would somebody be prepared to hold my hand and help me through this as I am unsure as to a best practise method in order to acheive this?

I can upload/attach the orginal registration page sample should the need arise.

Many thanks in advance

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If he wants the access database to send out forgotten credentials that tells me that you're storing passwords in plain text. That's a huge no-no. You should MD5 the passwords and have the only recovery method as resetting the password OR use reversible encryption which is more difficult.

are you running a windows server or a linux server ?

First thing is that you can do it with only one database. just store these values into another table also for future use. if you dont want then you can connect to the access and make a query to store the data into the access table