I am losing my mind here. I am using Visual Studio 2008 to develop a website and I am using masterpage and contentpage.

If I delete this line from one of the controls on page, then the page formatting breaks. If I keep it, it stays fine.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../_style/common.css" />

Now what is bothering me is I have deleted ALL of the files in the website folder with the name common.css. So where is it getting that file from?

The website is not entirely developed by me, so I do not know exactly what is happening, but I only wanted to know what file it is referring to!

Note: I am running the site using usual "Start Debugging" on MS VS 2008.

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maybe it is located above the folder you are looking for as ../ means parent folder.

no, I searched the entire VS Project folder!


then it means that your style does not come from that file. probably in the master page you have another link which gives the styling. check the themes folder too. check the .skin files if you have them. asp.net pages either use css files or .skin files, if none of them used then all there is left is embedded style definitions in master pages. check that too.


if style does not come from that file, then why does pageformatting break if I remove this line?

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../_style/common.css" />

there is a very particular style that was defined in common.css, and I searched for the name of style in the entire solution too (using the find feature of Visual Studio) to see if any of the themes and such were defining that style and nothing came up... yet, the style is working?!!


why dont you attach your entire solution to your post so we can see it?

it is a VERY huge project with too many external classes and what not. It might take me a long time to trim it down to bare minimum.

Is there a way I can see what EXACT location css file is coming from? If I view the source, it just says href="../_style/common.css"

can I see what actual path it is being translated to?


who knows maybe your css file is embedded to one your dlls as binary then it is extracted during run time. it could be anything. even javascript files can be embedded to dlls.

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