I couldn't bind subreport's datasource which,itself is a subreport
of another report. Can you guys help me out ?


Thanks, but I tried too, maybe i was in the wrong way
can u give me some codes for example ??

Thank you very much for your help
and sorry for my unclear message .
The problem is that i am using Report Viewer not Crystal Report.

Let's say there is three reports of report viewer : grandparent,parent, and grandchild reports

Grandparent has a sub report Parent and that Parent, too,has a sub report Grandchild.

We can set datasource to Parent subreport by the followni code.

GrandParent.SubReportProcessing+=new SubreportProcessingEventHandler(GrandParent_SubreportProcessing);

GrandParent_SubreportProcessing(object sender,SubreportProcessingEventArgs e)

That's how Parent sub report data source is set. There , how do i set that of Grand Child sub report ? The object "sender" isn't Parent sub report.
Anyway , thanks to adatapost

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