I'am trying to develop a notification program to notify user on my
network that their computer have a worm . The program that I want to develop a can monitor port 135 on windows OS . The system will monitor port 135 on one computer and see wheter there is a computer that tried to connect to this computer by using that port . If there is a computer that trying to connect by using this port , the program will notify a user that their computer maybe have a worm .

From your opinion , what programming technique that suitable for this program . Is there anybody can guide me in developing this program . Thank you very much

To be honest, I think installing a firewall like sygate personal firewall will do better and costs nothing. It allows you to control each port and manage the way probes are handled.

Yes , I know by installing firewall is better and cost nothing . But this is just for educational purpose . I want to learn the programming technique for that program . Can anybody here help me ?

I might be wrong but this post would probably be more appropriate for the c++ forum (or some similar language) or maybe the networking forum.