hii.. i have a table<"form"> in ms access which have following fields..
formno, location , status.

i want to create a report which calculate
1. the total no of forms(columns) at each location
2. the total no of forms(columns) with status= "pending" at each location.

i tried to do it with this query
1. select count(formno) as totalforms
from form
group by location;

2. select count(formno) as pendingforms
from form
group by location
WHERE status = 'pending';

now i would like to display the result on a page, but i dont know how to get the name of location for which the result is being displayed.
i.e in the format

location total forms pending forms

now i get the the two counts .. but how can i get the location....

plzzz help...
thanks a lot!!!

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harshit99, i'm sorry, i wasn't able to understand what was your question. Please be more coherent in thoughts and words.

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