In am new to developing web applications using java and jsp's, and after a strange problem i encountered was wondering how does the url get populated with the path of the file sometimes and not at other times.

Lets say in my web.xml in the welcome-file parameter, the path specified is pages/hello.jsp. From what i understood, when going to the web apps url for example http://localhost:8888/helloapp/ which will then redirect to the hello.jsp page, would the url in the browser reflect that and the url in browser than would be http://localhost:8888/helloapp/pages/hello.jsp ?

Does url "display" get configured depending on the application server used?

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you shouldn't need to specify pages/hello.jsp. all you need to do is set the welcome-file parameter to hello.jsp. What then happens is that in any folder you navigate to the tomcat container looks for hello.jsp. So if there is a hello.jsp in every folder in your application it will always be used as the index point