Hi ,

I'm trying to read some details from Excel using ASP.
The .xls sheet has got a column Time where the values are 00:00, 00:03 etc..but ASP is reading the first value as 0 & the second value as .3125 etc..so when writing to SQL Server database, I can't cast or convert it to a smalldatetime.
Also the looping to read the records from excel is not working properly.
I'm using

Do while Cells(rowcount,1).value <> ""

I tried to
Response.write("First column : " & Cells(rowcount,1).value )
Response.write("Second column : " & Cells(rowcount,2).value )

I've got 3 records in my excel..

Its printing the 3 records...but still its showing on the status bar
"transfering data from localhost"..seems like its going into an indefinite loop..but its not printing the hardcode sting in my response.write...something weird is going on...please help as there is an urgent work to complete..

Thanks ion advance..

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