Hi all,

I have installed tomcat 5.5 , now i want to run a simple servlet programme, on web browser, how do i deploy my folder into tomcat 5.5.....i am giving http://localhost:8080. its giving page cannot be displayed.........

please help me out.

Dunno why you did not install latest Tomcat 6, but hey...

What we need to know is what OS you using and what installation steps you took to install Tomcat on your pc.

You have to create a context - a folder in which you may add your jsp/servlet programs/pages.

Read http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-5.5-doc/config/context.html

SUMMARY: The Context element represents a web application, which is run within a particular virtual host. Each web application is based on a Web Application Archive (WAR) file, or a corresponding directory containing the corresponding unpacked contents, as described in the Servlet Specification (version 2.2 or later).