does anyone know where i can find a complete list of mysql commands. Im in the proccess of writing a live mysql database interaction for web use. and right now i need to store all mysql commands to an array and have the php script read the array and modify the words as it sees them.

so if i typed in


the script would read up until the first white space. take the string of characters that it had been reading up to that point, check it against the array, and if it found it. it would read the number associated with the array value and then check that number against another array where the number would contain formatting options.

i need it to do this. because when you enter the mysql_query it prints it out and says, you are about to run this query :(query here) and i want to have clean formatting of the text.

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ok so this is what i have so far, its a simpler version of what i have stated before and is just a test to figure out how to break apart arrays.

//building the array to check the output against
$check_arr = array(" ", "this", "is", "nothing", "more", "than", "an", "array");
$check_break = explode(" ", $check_arr) or die(mysql_error());
$check_num = 1;
for($check_num >=1; $check_num <= 500; $check_num++)
//first we build the string that will be tested into the array
$array = " this is nothing more than an array";
//echo the array out to make sure that it is being displayed correctly
echo "$array <br />";
echo "now saving string to an array<br />";
//turning the string of text into an array
array ($array);
//breaking the array appart so that each piece can be read individually
$break = explode(" ", $array) or die(mysql_error());
$num = 1;
//displays each part of the array as long as array is shorter than 500 words.
	for($num >= 0; $num <= 500; $num++)
		echo $break[$num] . "<br />";

(im not sure though do i even need to add the line array($array) or will it work without it....well nvm i can just go check.... nope dont need that line so just ignore it.)

but i now need to know how to check the second array's break with the first arrays break so it knows when to do the color coding information.

the output will be somthing like

if the two breaks match up. then append the matching style to it.

i have built a CSS style sheet to go with it, but not included it because its not near completion. i hope that im being clear enough :)

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