Does anyone know how to compile the file inside the with database ? Some of the pages can be view in Tomcat server others needs to bundle with the database

This is hardly a description of the the problems so do not expect people to help you with this homework if you do not care describe problem properly...

Actually i just want to see how the jsp file connect to the database.I'm looking forward to develop a web application relate to the account information.I wonder how the login page could link the user to the web pages contain their personal detail.For example ,after the user login successfully to the web application ,the pages would display the user account detail and money transaction history,cash remaining ...etc.How could it be ?

Can you share database for this bank ?

Can you share database for this bank ?

Stop begging for code, that is not the purpose of this site. I have already closed the other zombie threads you called back to life with your begging.

If you have an actual question about your code, then start a thread and ask it, but no one here is going to just give you the code for your homework.

Can you share database for this bank ?

No. Banks typically use Oracle and other high end commercial databases. Sharing those is piracy.

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