hi guys

found anotehr probem with my code, i have created a wml page which users input a search criteria, this is then apssed onto a jsp page which prints the value

in teh jsp page though it doesnt print the parametr value and prints out null

code is:
<b><big> Subject:</big></b>

<input type ="text" name="srch" height="20" format="*X,*x"/>

<do type="accept" label="Search">

<go href="http://localhost:8080/srch2.jsp" method="post">

<postfield name="Subject" value="$srch"/>

<card id="srch" title="Search">


String Search;

out.println("<br/>Search is"+Search);



please could anyone tell me what is wrong
PLease thank you

Hey Buddy
I dont know much about wml but i think your JSP file has a tag <code> with
same id
try searching the id and also use get method to confirm that ur parameter is passed to the JSP as the complete url will appear in the address bar