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this question has been asked here many times. if you do a search on this site you will definitely come across more references, here is one though, w3schools


as far as i know ajax is a football club, dont know what it has to do with html


One resource that is not so often mentioned, is YouTube. There are many great tutorials there. Search for "srikantdhondi" for a start.

My experience is that many of the "traditional" tutorials on the net is quite confusing, and I'm also searching for that "ultimate" one.


I have no idea on AJAX, Can anyone please advise on any reference material as am a beginner?

First, I'd recommend you do some background reading on what Ajax is. Read this. Second, there are a couple of frameworks which make the development of dynamic pages easier. I'd recommend you decide which framework (set of libraries) to use for your Ajax development. It's probably a choice between Mootools and JQuery. Here is a discussion on Mootools versus JQuery. David Walsh says "MooTools has made Ajax so simple that a rookie developer can get their dynamic pages working in no time". Mootools can be found here. Or if you want to go down the JQuery route, then the JQuery documentation is here. I have personally done some JQuery programming and it does enable you to have some neat features on your page, running efficiently without the page having to re-load e.g. you can have a bit of the page open up to allow the user to enter more data. Mootools has also been recommended to me as making it easier to write ajax-type web applications. Hope this helps.

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