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I was wondering since JSTL ( Java Standard Tag Library ) main purpose is to only make your logic more readable, what are the real benefits of using such technology in my Java server pages?
From what I have seen in the Java Server Tag Library document, seems like it's classes and method can never be as comprehensive as those of the traditional Javascript. Any JSTL fans out there care to enlighten me on this ?


> JSTL main purpose is to only make your logic more readable

No, it's main purpose is separation of concerns and to make sure that you don't end up mixing your business and view logic. The ability to create reusable custom tags is a big win over having duplicate code in your code base which achieves the same functionality.

That being said, for any real project, I see no need for any technical architect to prefer JSTL over the plethora of Web MVC frameworks out there, each with their own tried and tested view technology. Spring MVC, Wicket, Struts 2, Tapestry; take your pick. :)

Edit: You might find this discussion interesting. Oh and BTW, for the sake of good old god, never ever use JSF!

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