Hi all,

I need some general advice with a webform using an Access 2007 database backend. (Hope this is the right place to post this, my problem seems to cross between several possible forums.)

I've written a ASP.NET webform (using c#) which captures data and sticks it into an Access 2007 database. This is all hosted in IIS on a Windows Server 2003 box. I have also written a backend to this so that internal users can get access to this data via a DataGrid.

The problem is this... the internal users who process that data do it using their own Access Database, and they have requested direct access to the database on the server. At the moment they have to cut and paste from the datagrid into their own database which is pretty clunky. I can't give them access to the database itself, but understand their frustration at the way the system currenlty works. Is there a better way of going about things? Is it possible to export the data directly from the Access database on the web server into another Access database (or databases) on machines in the same domain?

Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.

With MS Access you can create links to tables in another MS Access database, and then create an update query that updates the local tables with information from the linked tables.
Then assign that query to a button.

I believe you can also enforce a readonly restriction on those links.