Firstly I should explain that I'm working well outside my comfort zone...:'(

I'm trying to add a couple of bits of php script to my website that should generate email.

One should send me an email as someone gets a quote from my website, the second should send me a more detailed email when someone fills in the form - they should also receive a confirmation email.

I know the script works as it's currently running on another website - unfortunately the tech guy that deals with this is away until mid Feb tracking down spiders or somesuch in S America (and selfishly he's gone where his mobile doesn't work :-O)

Given that it seems all other things are equal I'm wondering if these files should exist in 'special' folders on the server.

I've also uploaded a generic email form - changed to the relevant email addresses but even that doesn't work.

I asked my hosting company and they assure me that php script will work fine.

I accept I've probably worded/explained this badly but please bear with me.

I will of course c&p the relevant script if required


Yes, the code will help. Take into consideration that the PHP mail function used as-it-is is very basic and does not include by default all the required headers that need to be added in a mail in order to avoid the message to be marked as spam.