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go and search in google. you will get every thing about php.

then what is the use of DANIWEB...

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It's not for asking questions which, when typed into Google, yeild answers within the first result. :/
DW is what you use when your question is more complicated than what google can do, AND when you've shown that you've gotten off your arse and done some actual work yourself first

Hmm... this is an interesting one isn't it though because PHP stands for
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
Which doesn't really explain what PHP stands for, I think they had HP and just needed another letter so they added a P and couldn't think of anything for it to stand for which effectively leads to the recursive definition:
PHP stands for:
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor stands for:
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor Hypertext Preprocessor stands for:
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor Hypertext Preprocessor Hypertext Preprocessor stands for:
So you see how the problem happens =P


then what is the use of DANIWEB...

daniweb shows the way of solution of our problem.

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you correct friend to (samarudge)....

ok..its all right to kalpana..

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then what is the use of DANIWEB...

Daniweb provides a forum, where somewhat experienced people can give some help to less experienced peoplea public servicethe protocols for Daniweb require that the less experienced person make some prior attempt to assist themselves

the expletive fword is likely to be deleted from this uri http://www.justfuckinggoogleit.com?query=what+does+php+stand+for


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originally it stood for Personal Home Page

That's since changed.

Yer that's what I thought, it would seem logical and it was originally intended to be a less advanced version of PERL although it has now overtaken and become more popular.

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