Hi and I have been working on an image uploader but need to be able to convert tiff files using php. From my understanding there is the gd library which doesn't support tiff files and the exif library. Does anybody know how I can convert a tiff file to a jpeg without shell commands. I have managed to convert bmp to jpeg using the gd library but now need a solution for tiff. Any replies please?

I discovered the Imagick library but haven't yet got the package installed (for windows xp and php5.2.8). I have downloaded Imagick-6.5.9-0-Q16-windows-dll.exe as the main application then as according to the documentation downloaded the php5.2.8 dll compilation. Then I went into the php.ini file and added the line extension=php_imagick.dll .
After all of that I tried a sample code and checked php_info() then it the dll is not mentioned in php_info(). Also the test script fails as unknown classes errors appear. So what did I do wrong in the installation? I'm using xampp 1.7.0 and Windoze XP Service Pack 3.

This is the most undocumented problem I have come across. All of the official documentation to the older versions of Imagick have been wiped and downloads are hard to find. But still after spending 9 hours flat finding peoples comments on old topics related to Imagick I manage to solve it and wrote a tutorial about it. My tutorial is the only one in existance which works with php 5.2.X and hope that helps future Daniweb posters. Surprising how undocumented this problem is and yet this problem is so common.

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