I am developing a project in ASP.Net using C#. I don’t know how to take data from other table (SQL database) in the same project and save the data into another table using C#. Let say that I have two table that is registration and user. In the registration table, there have metric_number and in the user table, there have user_id. I want to take the data from metric_number in registration table and copy it into user_id in user table. When user click the Save button from the interface after fill other user data, it will copy and save the metric_number into the user_id for that current user. So, user no need to fill the user_id. Before using the application, user must register as a user and the data will be saved in registration table. After register, they must login to use the application. How to do it using C# ? Please help me... thanks.

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>I don’t know how to take data from other table (SQL database)

You must have to learn ADO.NET.

Actually I am new with ASP.Net and C#. But, I have to do my project in ASP.Net using C#. I have to submit my project by next week. So, it is very helpful if you can give me coding sample on how to take data from other table. I am very appreciate if you could give me the coding sample. I have opened the ADO.Net link that you give before and try to learn. But, I still don’t know how to do it. Please help me to solve this problem..

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