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Hi to all,
Any suggestions..

Thank u,

Bust your @$$. Don't be one of the other three people in the group through school that just rely on the work that you do. Stand out, don't buy out on the microsoft crap. Learn something not taught at school. I did with PHP and I'll tell you what, I am awesome. Not that I know a lot about a lot but I have the qualities that are looked for. I don't ask questions unless I've done at least 2, maybe three hours of research in the subject, and I already have some test scripts laid out. This job that I just got, 3.5 years after graduation, I have the job that I have been looking for. Not because of my knowledge in some subjects but because I bust my @$$.

Also, if you don't know how to do something, or whether or not you should do something, ASK!!


Hmm..yes i agreed that We should not be like a school students..What is u r symbol denoting $@@.



IMO, fucntions play a key role in being a better programmer.
They will allow your code to be more efficient and thus you.

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