I am using C#.net to develop one web site .
I want to search facility means if i enter word for search then it must get highlighted on page /text box then if i click(OR move mouse there) on that highlighted word then it shows detail information.

Just like Dani Web here we enter some word to search then it shows result as highlighted then if we move mouse over any of them then it shows some information related to that question.

I want like this but not exactly this ,It is used just highlight that searched word on given web page and do the same as like Dani Web search

You can go following link then if you move mouse over that search result it shows inside text.

Thanks for your valuable time to get here ...

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Thanks for your replay.
I am quite new here so can you tell me what exactly it is.I didn't used Ajax before so it may problem but now i am started to learn that also.

That search keyword has to enter in Text box and on button click has to highlight that searched word and then on click /mouse over to show text .

I just want like Dani Web.

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