I have attempted to install Apache/PHP on a new WinXP Home machine. I have it running succesfully on a Win98 machine.

Apache works fine.

PHP doesn't.

I get the following Apache log error when trying http://localhost/phpinfo.php - File does not exist: c:/webroot/php/php.exe/phpinfo.php.

phpinfo.php is in c:/webroot. PHP is installed in c:/PHP.

Can anyone help?

I'm not sure why you titled your post htpasswd and htaccess when your question is about the basics of getting PHP configured with Apache on WinXP. Anywho..... I wrote a WAMP tutorial for WinXP Home/Pro. It can be found at

If you don't mind starting over, just uninstall what you setup, then follow my step-by-step guide. If you do, you'll end up with Apache2, PHP5, MySql4.1, and phpMyAdmin all installed, configured, and tested on a Windows XP Home or Pro machine.

You should take the PHP package for windows!

val542, are you replying to tyty or me? And if to tyty, he almost certainly is using the PHP package for Windows....he can't put the Linux version on his WinXP machine. So I'm not sure what your point is. :)