allright here is my question!!!

if i have a login page with user name and password and i have a situation where in two users are logging in with the same id with a little time gap though (assuming that the other user is still logged in) how will u take care of it.

or let me put it this way

what happens exactly whe two users are logged in at the same time in emails??

can anybody explain me in "jspterms"



I don't think there is a "pretty" way of doing this. You could create a flag in the servlet context object(using a session listener, i think), or you could somehow use a cookie(stupid idea).

I'm guessing the session listener would be the way to go.

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You can maintain a status flag in the user table and check for that when user's login. Anyhow even if 2 of them logs in at the same time , the state will be maintained by the ACID property if you have used perfectly