I need a help with selecting the rows in a table depending on the status in previous table.


Column1     Column2	        Status
Smith	     Alex	            1
Smith        Mark		    0
John	     Smith		    1

I have second table with 2 columns. I want to select only those rows which have ANY of the user of table1 in column1 or column2 with status 1.

Table 2

Column1		Column2		
Smith		 Anderson
Martin		 Walker
Alex		 Scott

For example, Table1, the first row has status 1. Now i want to SELECT the rows from table2, which have "smith" OR "alex" in Column1 OR Column2 (Either Smith, or Alex). So, from Table2 it should select Row1 and Row3.

Do I have to join the tables? Wont that be slow?
Can I perform SELECT with EXISTS query?

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Have you tried something along this line:

SELECT * FROM table1 as tbl1, table2 as tbl2 WHERE tbl1.column1 = tbl2.column1 && tbl1.column2 = tbl2.column2

I think that sounds like what you are talking about.